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We are an award-winning, fully integrated public relations, strategic and digital communications agency

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Birchall & Associates is an award-winning, fully integrated boutique PR agency. Since 1994, we’ve been committed to helping clients achieve their communications goals through knowledgeable counsel, innovative solutions and seamless execution. We’re a small team with big ideas, focused on delivering industry-leading results.

A Message from the President

We operate in an industry that can’t ride the wave of change, we must be at the forefront of it, anticipating, innovating, and offering solutions that make a meaningful and measurable impact today, while supporting our clients’ growth for the future.  We’re in the business of connecting brands to their audiences, and audiences with influencers—in all the ways and in all the spaces that matter.  We’re movers and shakers.  We know who’s who, and we’re invested in knowing what’s new.  We’re sharing stories, swaying opinions, creating compelling content, stirring emotion, inviting, inspiring, engaging, and sparking action.  We’re building good will, generating positive impressions, instilling trust, confidence, and loyalty.  At Birchall, we’re passionate about our efforts.  In fact, it’s in our mandate—to make every moment momentous and every interaction memorable.  We raise profiles, bolster awareness and elevate brands, proud to be the catalyst behind their ongoing evolution.  Put simply, we’ll move you forward.  We’ll make a difference, and you’ll never be the same in the best way possible.

Jim Birchall

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim Birchall and his team for over 10 years to help some of the best Canadian companies promote their products and drive awareness and interest in unique and creative ways. Looking forward to continued partnership success!”

Scott McGillivray – HGTV’s Moving the McGillivrays and Income Property

“Birchall & Associates has played a significant role in elevating our brand throughout Canada. So much so, we awarded Birchall our U.S. portfolio, as well. From the strategic and multi-faceted PR programs that support and drive our growth across North America to their expertise in securing and managing highly impactful Ambassador relationships, Birchall’s results are impressive. Their efforts keep ROXUL at the forefront, giving us a serious edge over our competitors. The team is responsive, flexible, dedicated, and driven to advance our business.”

Dave Smith – Residential Segment Manager, Rockwool North America

“Birchall & Associates represents a wide array of great household brands that we love to work with! They have never let us down when we need something – we can always count on Birchall for great content ideas, helpful product information, and to work with us under tight deadlines.”

Tracy Moore – Host, CityLine

“Well done, Canada! You continue to be the standard against which all other territories are measured – your professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm are unmatched. Thank you so much.”

Stephen Krauss – President Breville Canada

“Thank you for the great job you are doing for TTi Canada. You are the best PR guys in Canada and you are a competitive advantage for us!”

Craig Baxter – President TTi Canada

“Whenever we call on Birchall PR to contribute, be it via advertising, editorial, providing images or participating in HOSS events, we are never disappointed. Their keen understanding of our needs, commitment to quality, and respect for our deadlines has made them a preferred partner. From a media relations perspective, they truly are unrivalled.”

Sean Rice – Publisher, HOSS Magazine

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